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Mukhya Mantri Baal Hraday

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August, 2021


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A short Documentary based on Mukhya Mantri Baal Hraday which includes a real life story of a family who belongs to a village & are Below Poverty Line. The Documentary is a real life example of how Bal Hraday Upchaar Yojana has saved the lives of people. The Documentary shows a real life based example of a girl who belongs to a BPL family. There are various shots and visuals of girl’s father & mother and also of her brothers where they are narrating the whole circumstances and difficult situations they were gone through when they found that their daughter has a hole in her heart which needs to be Operated. Because of low budgets and financial crisis they were unable to pay the bills to the doctors. Because of Mukhya Mantri Baal Hraday Yojana today their daughter is alive and safe.

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